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The Toronto Public Library Workers Union is a proud member and generous supporter of Toronto’s United Way.

Join us in supporting the United Way

In our daily work, we often encounter fellow Torontonians who need the help of the broader community. Many people who do not know where to turn for help, especially newcomers to our city, come to their local library for advice and information.

We do all we can to provide them with the information we have available that might be of guidance but that is usually just the first step. We regularly refer patrons to United Way agencies that deliver the kinds of services they need.

We encourage you to join us in supporting the United Way.

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In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists https://t.co/VZpbi5kwab
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@ontarionurses: If the Ford Government is looking for ideas from the sector on how to solve the current nursing crisis, here's one: Increase compensation. https://t.co/RdzEtdJed7
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What a great team! And a beautiful day for a canvass 😎 We're out in York South-Weston canvassing with Chiara Padovani @chipadovani , City Councillor candidate! It's time for progressive change in #YSW Lets get Chiara to City Hall 👊🏽 #TOpoli https://t.co/d2zfdZ8VjD
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@JILLSLASTWORD: It was pretty incredible @Local4948 ! Thank YOU for sharing your time! We cannot afford to lose any of our libraries and in order for them to operate we need sufficient funding AND staff! Libraries and library workers are essential to our social safety net! #onpoli #tostpauls https://t.co/2SzcChETh7 https://t.co/dW6lltc7Gc
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Loved catching up over lunch with you @JILLSLASTWORD 😊 Recently re-elected to QP, MPP Dr. Jill Andrew is NDP Critic for Culture, Heritage, and Women's Issues. We discussed mounting pressure on library workers to act as social triage in their communities #ONpoli #onlab #ondp https://t.co/ikBGst8YUf