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The Toronto Public Library Workers Union is a proud member and generous supporter of Toronto’s United Way.

Join us in supporting the United Way

In our daily work, we often encounter fellow Torontonians who need the help of the broader community. Many people who do not know where to turn for help, especially newcomers to our city, come to their local library for advice and information.

We do all we can to provide them with the information we have available that might be of guidance but that is usually just the first step. We regularly refer patrons to United Way agencies that deliver the kinds of services they need.

We encourage you to join us in supporting the United Way.

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@MannaWong22: Thank you @Local4948! Library workers do vital work connecting our communities to services and support. As City Councillor I’ll be a champion for Toronto’s world class library system at City Hall #topoli https://t.co/ALJ6bvv1QJ
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@MannaWong22 is the best choice for the #Ward22 Scarborough-Agincourt by-election! Visit https://t.co/up0PfycQpk for more info + ways to volunteer. @torontolabour @4948president @CUPEOntario #Scarborough #topoli #progressive
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@progresstoronto: Brandon Haynes, President of Toronto Library Workers @Local4948 speaking about the importance public services like libraries as the great equalizers in our society. https://t.co/dGBRW2sNVG
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Join @MannaWong22 Virtual Campaign Launch tomorrow, November 27 at 7:30 pm. Register here! https://t.co/ziJ4JNDOcr Hope to see you there. #Ward22 @torontolabour @CUPEOntario @4948president @CWN_TOlabour #TOpoli #bestchoice https://t.co/a1cK9Y3nMM
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@CUPEOntario: Join our joint @OFLabour Day of Action in solidarity with #1492LandBackLane: ✔Read our backgrounder: https://t.co/fHHhPlrXoj ✔ Download & print the poster: https://t.co/ZKTSHwFY34 ✔ Take a picture with the poster & share on social media with the hashtag #1492LandBackLane https://t.co/50ZtzyKAyL