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Courageous. Passionate. Tenacious. Strong and Principled. A Fighter.

These are some of the traits that those who knew him well use to describe Brian Cochrane, the first president of unionized Toronto library and city outside workers after amalgamation in 1998.

About Brian

Brian was responsible for several historic equality gains for the predominantly female workforce at TPL. At the bargaining table, he would never take “no” for an answer if he believed that standing firm and demanding more from the employer would benefit the rank and file union members he represented.

Brian was an example and a mentor to many members and leaders in our union, past and present. He was widely respected across Canada, both as a brilliant negotiator and as a highly effective municipal union leader.

Brian retired in 2008, and passed away in 2009 at the relatively young age of 56. In recognition of his years of dedicated service to library workers, TPLWU Local 4948 (CUPE) has established the Brian Cochrane Union Education Fund to enhance the work of mentorship and education within our local union.
Donations can be made to: TD Bank. account # 0252-5222136

*Please note that the fund is administered internally. Currently, we are unable to issue tax receipts.

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