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Library Workers Mask Up!

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Library workers are masking up with our union logo masks – we are serious about the safety of our workers and the public we serve!

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#Shame @YCDSB #BringBackLibraryWorkers @osbcucscso #Solidarity #✊🏽 https://twitter.com/local4948/status/1309260827090968581

Stop the library worker layoffs at the York Catholic District Schoolbard! @local4948 TO #libraryworkers stand in #solidarity with CUPE 2331 πŸ“š

Sign the petition + share https://cupe.on.ca/stoplibrarylayoffsatycdsb/?fbclid=IwAR09Py3Xwr96s3s0gnpNuQ5ygiUwNSgDWlpeD0dfnqv44aWH6CdIms1p-jU

@4948president @CUPEOntario #onpoli

I just signed this petition to call for @YCDSB to reverse their decision to lay off library workers. Support students, parents and staff and bring library workers back!

#LibrariesWorkBecauseWeDo @CUPEOntario @Local4948 @Sflecce


A positive look at what libraries have to offer but fails to address the effects of COVID on library workers: stress, understaffing + burnout are the reality for many. @4948president @torontolabour #topoli https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/2020/09/libraries-respond-to-coronavirus-with-book-bikes-and-virtual-festivals/?fbclid=IwAR0nZpUgx49pFbQoIr61bJ9nppb1C_7VEQ3XWRzqUoZUKYSXyxj6_0fcoUw