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Great Fiction Reads for Black History Month

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Because we are library workers – there will be a booklist! Celebrate Black History Month with some of the best fiction by Black authors from 2020-21. These recommended titles represent a variety of diverse perspectives across different literary genres. Where available, a link to the Toronto Public Library has been provided to reserve a copy in a variety of formats.  Happy reading!








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Shout out to @JILLSLASTWORD (yet again) for acknowledging tonight that library workers should be given priority access to vaccines given the work we do & communities served.

Mostly women. Many from racialized groups. Many work part-time to make ends meet. It’s time @local4948

Now attending the ⁦@torontolabour⁩ annual National Day of Mourning virtual event to reflect on and commemorate workers who have been killed or injured on the job.

Tune in below.


Please sign and share this ⁦@CUPEOntario⁩ action as we observe the Day of Mourning with workers everywhere. #DayofMourning #April28 ⁦@cupenat⁩ ⁦@4948president⁩ ⁦@torontolabour⁩ #workerhealthandsafety #paidsickdays #onpoli https://cupe.on.ca/dayofmourning/

Please sign + share widely! We need real change to support precarious workers + communities impacted by COVID-19 @4948president @torontolabour @cupenat #PaidSickDays #PaidSickDaysSaveLives #SaveLives @fordnation #COVID19Ontario

https://cupe.on.ca/paidsickdays @CUPEOntario #onpoli