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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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Today!  Sunday, March 21, please join a special free online event at 3 pm “Making Good Trouble” presented by the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, Labour Community Services, and the the Urban Alliance on Race Relations.  Local 4948 President Brandon Haynes will be one of the speakers at this event.  To get your free tickets, please click HERE. 


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What do library workers really do? It’s more than just putting books away.

In our new video, you’ll hear from library workers directly about the impact they have on the community. Share now—we need to give library workers the support they need.


Join me and find out about the history of @ATUlocal113 transit workers in Toronto as presented by the Toronto Workers History Project @ToWorkers

@Local4948 @shelleycarroll @torontolabour https://twitter.com/ToWorkers/status/1481026133193895936

Scathing report from ⁦@ccpa⁩. Outrageous example of why the system needs fixing and why workers who are trying to endure this pandemic need more support.

Dozens of big companies headed by top-paid CEOs collected COVID-19 government benefits: report https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ceo-pay-covid-19-1.6303304

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people. But in 2020, Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs had their 2nd best pay year in history.

Our latest CEO pay is hot off the presses https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/another-year-paradise #cdnpoli @ccpa 1/x