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        Press Conference introducing "Why My Library Matters To Me"

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          • Joanna Cristini
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          TPLWU Rally at City Hall - March, 2012

          • Maureen O'Reilly at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Nalini Battu at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Fred Hahn at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Paula Fletcher at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Peggy Nash at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Sarah Shujah at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Three Library Workers at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
          • Cim Nunn at at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall

          Deputations to City of Toronto Budget Committee - 2013

          • City Council: Don't Cut Funding to Our Public Library!
          • City Council: Invest In Children!

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          Jul 03
          RT @4948president: We recognize that many library users do not have access to face coverings or masks and would urge the City and TPL to en…
          Jul 03
          RT @4948president: Library workers commend the decision made today by City Council to require masks/face coverings in indoor spaces, inclu…
          Jul 03
          RT @4948president: Gobi Sooriyakumar, Vice-President @Local4948 is on the agenda at tonight’s @torontolabour delegates’ meeting to talk sys…
          Jun 29
          RT @jpags: BREAKING Matlow's motion asking the Toronto _olice to bring forward a 2021 budget request with at least a 10 per cent cut, and f…
          Jun 29
          RT @infodocket: The New York Public Library’s Marble Lions Get Masks #covid19 #publiclibraries htt…
          Jun 28
          Happy Pride from the Toronto Public Library Workers! - and because we are #libraryworkers we must give you a book…
          Jun 26
          RT @wolfdavies1 @torontolibrary Thanks for document but details still seem sparse. Will plexiglass shields be present to protect both part…
          Jun 26
          RT @The519: June 26 is the day we would have joined our trans, two-spirit, and non-binary communities for the annual Trans March. We canno…
          Jun 26
          RT @BC_ALA: We're excited to announce "A Critical Moment: Libraries, Civic Engagement, & Black Communities," a three-part webinar series th…
          Jun 24
          RT @corr_mc @Local4948 @FredHahnCUPE @CUPEOntario @OMERSVentures @4948president Can they be legally challenged for holding a vote while me…
          Jun 24
          RT @Fred_Shilson: Shame on @OMERSVentures @TPFFAPres, and others for getting rid of guarenteed indexing on thousands of @cupelocal79 membe…
          Jun 24
          Shameful on the part of those who voted for this. Thank you to @FredHahnCUPE @CUPEOntario for fighting against t…
          Jun 24
          RT @ONsafety: Ontario’s Declaration of Emergency is being extended until July 15. This provides the government with additional time and the…
          Jun 24
          #Libraryworkers are honoured to be recipients of the @CanLabourMedia awards for best photo…
          Jun 23
          RT @4948president: As we move forward in the struggle against systemic racism, it is important to open doors of opportunity & make our circ…
          Jun 20
          June 29 4:30 pm Asian Solidarity w Black Lives register here @CWN_TOlabour
          Jun 19
          RT @cupenat: The #COVID19 pandemic has exposed the failures of #privatization #deregulation, and lax enforcement of labour and health and…
          Jun 19
          RT @torontolabour: All the ports along the Canadian and U.S. West Coast will shut down Friday in a protest against systemic racism #JUNETEE
          Jun 18
          RT @progresstoronto: Watch our panel "Defunding the Police: A discussion on reprioritizing city investments as we build a just Toronto" wi…
          Jun 12
          RT @4948president: Tuned in to @progresstoronto event tonight on how gender intersects with rebuilding Toronto in the times we are in due t…
          Jun 11
          RT @4948president: Looking forward to this event tonight. It’s important to bring a gender and equity lens into the discussion of rebuildin…
          Jun 10
          RT @4948president: Attending @CanadianLabour webinar on how unions can confront and address anti-Black racism. All unions in Canada must jo…
          Jun 10
          Thanks from #Libraryworkers to @CanadianLabour for hosting webinar on how unions can fight anti-black racism. "Do w…
          Jun 06
          RT @wylie_alan: How many of you Public Library Workers out there think that appropriate and adequate PPE is essential/crucial for the safe…
          Jun 05
          RT @GShankz @Local4948 books that deals with race for children.
          Jun 04
          RT @JunopLogan: Support our Brothers and Sisters! Know this initiative will be coming to a pension near you! Please consider signing the pe…
          Jun 04
          Are you a young @Torontolibrary worker? Please read and sign this petition to defend your #OMERS pension plan. The…
          Jun 03
          RT @policingblack: Provided some historical perspective on policing and anti-Blackness in CND on CBC today. I also recommend everyone read…
          Jun 02
          RT @torontolibrary: Knowledge is critical to understanding, and a vital step in fighting racism in Canada and beyond. We’ve assembled a col…
          Jun 02
          RT @cbcbooks: "The Skin We're In exists so those who are not black can better articulate the struggle that they see or hear about — so that…
          Jun 01
          RT @CUPEOntario: In this difficult moment, when the worst of white supremacy is as clear as ever, CUPE Ontario shares in the collective gri…
          Jun 01
          RT @CanadianLabour: Anti-Black racism is a fatal, destructive force in our society afflicting communities of colour & holding us all back.…
          Jun 01
          #Libraryworkers continue to stand in solidarity with @BLM_TO and those who march for justice as we mourn the lives…
          May 30
          RT @progresstoronto: How can Toronto build back better? Join us 7pm Tuesday for "Toronto in Crisis: A discussion on what urgent funding & a…
          May 30
          RT @CUPEOntario: CUPE members are mourning the death of another front-line health care worker from a long-term care facility. In the wake…
          May 28
          RT @cupelocal1328: May 28, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Join the CUPE Ontario Human Rights Committee for a telephone town hall call with NDP M…
          May 27
          RT @4948president: Shoutout to @MargaretAtwood for being a solid voice in defense of #Libraries and public services in Toronto and beyond.…
          May 26
          Right to Ride: Impact of Covid-19 on Public Transit Tickets, Wed, May 27, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite ⁦…
          May 26
          RT @4948president: On behalf of @Local4948 I wish to offer condolences to the family and friends of Megan Whitfield, a pioneer in the labou…
          May 23
          Please sign and share. It's time for a new deal for #Torontoー19 @4948president
          May 23
          May 23
          RT @CUPEOntario: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Increasing testing and contact tracing will keep us safe and create jobs: CUPE Ontario #canpoli
          May 21
          RT @librarianmer: Like restaurants, libraries doing curbside should have limits on the number of people who can get materials at any partic…
          May 21
          RT @wylie_alan: Any conversation on reopening libraries needs to start from the basis of safety. If there are doubts then don’t reopen and…
          May 21
          RT @librarianjenn: Here is@BookRiot⁩, once again, being spot on with a piece about the disregard for library worker safety #ProtectLibra
          May 21
          RT @braunsk: Dear publications that write about libraries, Be like @BookRiot. They've written nuanced articles about the difficult situati…
          May 21
          RT @librarianjenn: For real with this title? I cannot handle this anymore. We are not saviors. We are trying to get by like everyone else.…
          May 21
          RT @mrbnatural10: My best friend described curbside as “We're prioritizing the comfort of the privileged for the safety of the vulnerable”…
          May 21
          RT @JenniferinIN: Before utilizing curbside pickup, I think it’s important for patrons to ask how/if the books are being quarantined or san…