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Is this the face that greets Torontonians at our public library?  Public Libraries are safe spaces, not hate spaces.  

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Local 4948 President Maureen O'Reilly as quoted by the CBC: 

"The president of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, Maureen O'Reilly, considers Bowles's decision an insult to the public. "They failed their regular patrons," she said. As a librarian herself she says she understands the principles of intellectual freedoms but, "In situations like this we need to look back at how it affects our community of users."

"O'Reilly said having a memorial is fine, but some attendees' past and current views could have been controversial enough to legally deny the event from happening at the application process.  The organizers have a very long and public record of their activities," she said. "And in the policy, they have to be respective of the principles and culture of a Toronto public library." 

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Further Reading: 

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Racism and Libraries in Canada by the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society - CAERS


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