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Precarious Work in TPL: Toronto's Challenge

  • Precarious Work in Toronto Public Library: Toronto's Challenge

Our Public Library Campaign

  • Our Public Library
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (English)
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (Portuguese)
  • Alejandra Bravo (English)
  • Alejandra Bravo (Spanish)
  • Paula Fletcher
  • Fred Hahn, President CUPE Ontario
  • Councillor Joe Mihevc
  • Winnie Ng (Mandarin)
  • Councillor Gord Perks
  • Rathika Sitsabaiesan (English)
  • MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan (Tamil)
  • Manna Wong (Cantonese)
  • Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
  • OPL ChineseText 012414
  • Our Public Library

Save Toronto's Public Libraries

  • Save Toronto Public Libraries
  • Save Toronto Public Libraries (abridged)

Save Our Libraries

  • Save Our Libraries - Margaret Atwood
  • Save Our Libraries - Linwood Barclay
  • Save Our Libraries - Joy Fielding
  • Save Our Libraries - Judy Fong-Bates
  • Save Our Libraries - Sylvia Fraser
  • Save Our Libraries - Vincent Lam
  • Save Our Libraries - Robert Rotenberg
  • Save Our Libraries - Susan Swan
  • Save Our Libraries - Jeremy Tankard

Press Conference introducing "Why My Library Matters To Me"

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Our Members

  • Joanna Cristini
  • Jinkie David
  • Russell Hanley
  • Vanessa Marion-Merritt
  • Stephanie Pagnello
  • Siddhant Nambiar
  • Fitzgerald Steele
  • Kathleen Tong
  • Ryan Saavedra
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TPLWU Rally at City Hall - March, 2012

  • Maureen O'Reilly at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Nalini Battu at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Fred Hahn at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Paula Fletcher at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Peggy Nash at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Sarah Shujah at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Three Library Workers at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Cim Nunn at at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall

Deputations to City of Toronto Budget Committee - 2013

  • City Council: Don't Cut Funding to Our Public Library!
  • City Council: Invest In Children!

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Shame on @MichaelTibollo at a $1600 plate PC fundraiser after slashing N & S #publiclibrary budgets by 50%.…
May 09
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May 09
RT @JILLSLASTWORD: Dear @samoosterhoff, my constituency staff have put together a step-by-step guide on how to respond to peaceful protesto…
May 09
RT @Lib_Techie @MichaelTibollo That is a lie Ontario Library Services is essential to day to day operations of libraries and service to pa…
May 09
RT @oursacredbreath @MichaelTibollo Our library just announced no more inter library loans outside our municipality ... so you are wrong .…
May 09
RT @Thamahmmy @MichaelTibollo @BPCRPL You have obviously never used a rural library. We depend on each other’s resources to provide the be…
May 09
RT @malloryapearce @MichaelTibollo "No involvement in the day-to-day operations of public libraries..." So what would we call this? https:…
May 09
RT @malloryapearce @MichaelTibollo Just so that we're really clear on the direct impact on the day to day operations of libraries, I'd lik…
May 09
RT @malloryapearce @MichaelTibollo This is a completely incorrect statement. SOLS is responsible for the delivery of library materials mul…
May 09
RT @andrewpyper @MichaelTibollo Your statement wildly misrepresents the facts, and is ignorant of how Ontario’s library services functions…
May 09
RT @mridley @MichaelTibollo Wrong. The powerful & *cost effective* collaboration among libraries and agencies such as these is undermined…
May 09
RT @Kurt__McKnight @MichaelTibollo Another disaster by this government. The inter-library loan service is a must for rural libraries @b
May 09
RT @daniellemuma @MichaelTibollo So what you’re saying is that you LITERALLY have no clue what SOLS and OLS-N do, and you can’t be bothere…
May 09
RT @lilmisslibrary @MichaelTibollo These "arm length" agencies are critical to libraries! The InterLibrary Loan service is used by thousan…
May 09
#LibraryWarriors outside PC $1600 plate fundraiser w/ MPP @MichaelTibollo#Onpoli $$$ dinner while library budget…
May 08
RT @progresstoronto: Did you see the new poll today? The majority of Ontarians oppose Premier Ford’s cuts to education! If you oppose the c…
May 08
Beyond shameful. MPP@samoosterhoff⁩ office calls cops on library-loving seniors | ⁦…
May 08
RT @TorontoStar: Premier Doug Ford’s relentless, reckless cutting affects residents in cities, suburbs and rural areas — everyone but the r…
May 07
RT @LibrarianshipCA: Provincial minister says cancellation of inter-library service was a surprise Minister Tiboll…
May 04
RT @GShankz: An investment in our libraries is an investment in #Ontario’s future #Sols @Local4948 @CUPEOntario
May 04
RT @4948Warriors: Tell Premier Ford to reverse cuts to the inter-library loan program. Take action now.
May 03
Ontario's #publiclibraries are under attack from Ford Govt. Please sign +share!
Apr 30
Richmond Hill Library: more bad news for #PublicLibraries + the public who depend on them.
Apr 30
Great statement from MPP @Jennkfrench from Oshawa against the #OnPoli Ford Govt's drastic cuts to #publiclibraries
Apr 30
RT @shelleysavor: I'm actively protesting the cuts to healthcare in Ontario #PeopleHaveThePower!
Apr 28
RT @larsenesque: Ontario librarian calls minister's suggestion service be 'more efficient' after 50% cut an 'outrage' | CBC News https://t.
Apr 28
RT @CUPE129: Support Library Services in Pickering The Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) and Ontario Library Service - North (OLS-N…
Apr 28
RT @cupe932: Waterloo Region library staff speak out about end of interlibrary book-loaning service |
Apr 28
RT @politicsfisher: I have never signed a petition in my life that is until today ... calling on the @fordnation govt to reverse its planne…
Apr 25
#DayofMourning 2019 event jointly presented by @Local4948 @torontolibrary Sharon from Mobile Crisis Intervention…
Apr 24
RT @cupe932: Fort Erie feels pain from provincial funding cuts
Apr 24
RT @Shelly__Gordon @dmrider @fordnation @TorontoStar I don't want my taxes to go to giant multinational corporations that make beer. I wan…
Apr 24
RT @maritstiles: Please sign this petition. We need to fight back HARD against this $1billion cut to front line public health services #TO
Apr 24
RT @progresstoronto: Doug Ford is cutting billions from public health, which could mean the end of student nutrition programs, sexual healt…
Apr 23
RT @cupe932: Cuts to Ontario library services devastating to under-served populations, says librarian
Apr 23
Doug Ford: Stop the cuts to the Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service - North - Sign the Pet…
Apr 21
National conversation on incidents in public libraries @tplwu4948Pres @4948Warriors Social workers, snacks and 'a…
Apr 21
#LibraryWarriors need support/staffing to ensure staff/public safety + protect vulnerable populations.…
Apr 20
Shame on the Ford Govt @TPLWU4948Pres @4948Warriors @CUPEOntario#ONPoli #topoli #librarywarriors Public Libraries…
Apr 20
RT @jannarden: Province slashes Ontario Library Service funding by 50% reading gave me a career and saved me a few…
Apr 20
Heartbreaking news. The Ford Govt is not for the people. Public Libraries are @jannarden @TPLWU4948Pres
Apr 19
RT @torontolabour: Budget cut a sign that Doug Ford’s contempt for libraries persists via @torontostar @Local4948
Apr 19
RT @CUPE391: We agree that this is a shameful action by the Ontario government! Libraries are among the most important public institutions…
Apr 19
RT @wylie_alan: Solidarity to all my colleagues and comrades in Canada fighting against 50% cuts to Ontario’s library system ️…
Apr 19
RT @GShankz: Libraries are the great equalizer giving knowledge and resources to all- no matter what their position in life..unlike @fordna
Apr 19
RT @TorontoStar: The Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Library Service-North will see their budgets halved for the 2019-20 f…