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Our times 2015 annual womens issue

An interview with President Maureen O'Reilly, one
of five winners of the Min Sook Lee award for the
Our Public Library Animation.

Watch the animation Here

Manek, Haseena. "Women of Labour and the Arts"
     Our Times, March-April, 2015.


A twenty-year look at the Toronto Public Library's
budget, and making a strong case for investing in it.

Govind C. The Great Equalizer: The Case For Investing
     In the Toronto Public Library. Canadian Centre
     for Policy Alternatives, Ontario. November, 2012
     ISBN: 978-1-77125-038-2.

 Infographic Thumb

 Infographic from "The Great Equalizer"

  1. Compares TPL's circulation to other libraries
  2. TPL gets more visits than Toronto's attractions

A report that examines the economic impact of the
Toronto Public Library on the City of Toronto.

Martin Prosperity Institute. So Much More:
     The Economic Impact of the Toronto Public
     Library on the City of Toronto, December 2013.
     ISBN 978-0-9811974-6-3

Martin Prosperity Institute
The Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) is part
of the Rotman School of Management at the 
University of Toronto.


A profile of Toronto Public Library Workers as
precarious workers.

Khosla, Prabha. "Changing lives, claiming
     power: The Toronto Public Library Workers
     Union (TPLWU) CUPE Local 4948." Working
     Women, Working Poor, March, 2014: 30-3

TorontoStar-Op-Ed-VincentLam-Nov18 2013

Vincent Lam, Canadian writer, medical doctor and
winner of the 2006 Scotiabank Giller Prize expresses
his admiration and support for the Toronto Public

Lam, Vincent. "Save your city: Support
     the Public library" Opinion/Commentary,
     Toronto Star, November 18th, 2013.

MakingTimeforEquality OurTimes Feb2013

Briskin, Linda, Sue Genge, Margaret McPhail,
     and Marion Pollack. "Making Time for
     Equality," Our Times, February, 2013,
     Issue No. 1, Vol.32.



Nickle, David. "Budget compromise means nine
     Toronto libraries will still have access
     to security guards despite cuts." Inside
     Toronto, January 27, 2015.


Nickle, David. "Proposed budget cut for Toronto
     library security guards under fire by union."
     Inside Toronto, November 28, 2014.

rabble article-November142014

Climenhaga, David J. "Why libraries - and library
     users - need librarians and other library workers
     to be union members.",
     November 14, 2014. 

QuietNoMore Harden Sept2013 thumb


Quiet No More offers new thinking about how
ordinary citizens have started to take back
power in our democracy and change the world.
It examines the meaning and promise of Idle
No More, the Occupy movement, the Quebec 
student spring and other expressions of new
activism sweeping the world.

Harden, Joel D. Quiet No More: New Political Activism
     in Canada and Around the Globe. Formac Publishing, 
     September 18, 2013. ISBN: 9781459405073


An analysis of the Toronto Public Library Workers
Union after the strike about precarious work issues.

Canadian Union of Public Employees.
     Tabletalk, Fall, 2013.

OurTimes-July2012-Split Shifts Spinning Solidarity

An examination of the 2012 strike by the Toronto
Public Library Workers Union.

Smith, Mike. "Split shifts and spinning
     solidarity," Our Times, July-Aug, 2012.


Doolittle, Robyn. Crazy Town, 2014.

His drug and alcohol-fuelled antics made
world headlines and engulfed a city in 
unprecedented controversy.

Reporter Robyn Doolittle was one of 
three journalists to view the video 
of Ford appearing to smoke crack cocaine.

TPLWU is mentioned on page 126.


Penman, Margaret. A Century of Service: Toronto
     Public Library 1883-1983. Toronto Public Library.

 AgainstAusterityMay12012 A round table discussion on taking back Toronto
with Maureen O’Reilly, Victoria Barnett and Beth Wilson.

Hope, Megan. "United Against the Austerity Agenda," Briarpatch, 
     May 1, 2012. 

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Apr 09
Precarious work followed by precarious retirement? No way! Inspiring to see so many young workers fighting for the…
Apr 09
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Apr 09
RT @cupe3903comms: It's OFFICIAL: all three units have VOTED NO in the forced ratification. Results by Unit: Unit 1: YES: 210 votes NO: 12…
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Apr 05
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Congratulations @CUPE2424#Solidarity You fought and won the good fight #Libraryworkers #WeAreCarleton
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RT @TimLittle18 @4948President Congrats on your retirement! One of Toronto's working class heroes.
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RT @DianeShears: They pushed, they protested, they won: NL public libraries saved @4948President#nlpoli…
Mar 30
RT @cupe932: Stand in solidarity with York U as they fight against precarity.
Mar 29
RT @wmtcblog: I have learned so much from this woman! What she's given library workers and the labour movement is beyond measure @4948Pres
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Mar 29
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Mar 29
RT @Local4948: The original #librarywarrior @4948President Maureen O'Reilly is retiring at the end of April! We are beyond grateful for her…
Mar 28
The original #librarywarrior @4948President Maureen O'Reilly is retiring at the end of April! We are beyond gratefu…
Mar 28
RT @CUPE2424: Mike Palecek, National President @cupw: “Here, where you have a university with a president that makes $400,000 a year while…
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Mar 27
Looks like @cupe3903comms fighting for fair contract now face forced vote. Shame on @YorkUPresident#yorkustrike…
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Precarious Retirement? No way #OMERS #Pensions @CUPEOntario @4948President#retirement
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Mar 23
RT @CACOMedic: Daniel Sheppard from Goldblatt Partners speaks at #OMECC2018 regarding Bill 148 and the changes to Employment Standard Act.…
Mar 23
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Mar 23
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RT @5167President: So happy to share our videos with #OMECC2018 @CUPEOntario Here's Franco.
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RT @CUPE1883PREZ: Thanks for sharing with all delegates at #OMECC2018 @5167President! 100 years, wow!
Mar 23
RT @5167President: Congratulations to @CUPELocal5167 Executive Member Ann Jenkins who was acclaimed as @CUPEOntario#OMECC2018 Chair #CUPE
Mar 23
RT @CUPE2424: “The students I’ve spoken to are stressed, and I think that my colleagues and I are very concerned @stuart_j_murray said. “…
Mar 23
RT @KylePugh17: For some people, especially older patrons, the staff at public libraries may be the only source of social interaction. It g…
Mar 23
RT @Local4948: Toronto Public #LibraryWorkers visit the #YorkUStrike line. Respect #solidarity for awesome @cupe3903comms workers fightin…